What is City Punter?

Virtual Financials betting. Customised strategies targeting the future prices of virtual asset pairs. Select your strategy based on the market price action at any point in time.

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What’s Going On Here?

Level Playing Field

Prices are created every second by a random number generator. Each fictitious virtual asset’s price, e.g. Lilliput Lira v Ruritania Rupee, is generated by a process called a Geometric Brownian Motion in order to establish a completely random new price every second. Nobody, including this site’s operator, has a clue as to whether the next price will be up or down, let alone how far up or down.

This creates a completely level playing field where no one is at a disadvantage from ‘insider trading’, ‘spoofing’ or other capital markets shenanigans.

Sharper Odds

The fact that the prices are random number generated alleviates market risk for the house. The house is not at risk of a bettor manipulating the asset price or having inside knowledge of the asset.

This means the house has a higher quality of earnings which it can share with the client by offering sharper odds to the client.

The reduced risk in running the ‘book’ will be shared with the bettors by way of more attractive prices that are less profitable to the house.


If a client still does not believe that the house is being run fairly and that the client is getting ‘stitched up‘ then they can deposit money into the Syndicate and by doing so they can participate in the share-out of the profits (and losses) on a pro rata basis.